Trombone Repertoire

I have been pursuing quality material for the tenor trombone my entire career. This on-going investigative process led quite naturally to my engagement with the composer community in New York and beyond, and to my activities as a curator and organizer. And, for the past 7 years, I've been adding to that "material" as a composer. This list is an aesthetic bibliography, informing all that I do. [CJM]

* = world premiere
** = US premiere

Luciano BerioSequenza V for solo trombone
Kitty BrazeltonLa Vida Como Una Tromba Larga for solo trombone and tape
Earle BrownNovember 1952 (realization for trombone by McIntyre)
John Cage Solo for Sliding Trombone (from Concert for Piano and Orchestra)
Philip Glass1+1 (realization for trombone by McIntyre)
John KingStretchbone (Premiere)*
Christopher McIntyre stuplimity no.3 for trombone and laptop*
Phill Niblock A Trombone Piece for solo trombone and tape
Phill Niblock A Third Trombone for solo trombone and tape
Folke RabeBasta for solo trombone
Bernard RandsMemo 2 for solo trombone
Fredric RzewskiLast Judgment for solo trombone (also trb. ensemble)
Iannis XenakisKeren for solo trombone

WITH PIANO (selected)
Paul CrestonFantasy (piano reduction)
Henri DutilleuxPrelude, Cadence, et Fugato
Launy Grondahl Concerto (piano reduction)
Paul HindemithSonate
Kazimierz SerockiSonatina
Stjepan SulekSonata (Vox Gabrieli)
Jean-Michel DefayeDeux Danses
Jacques Castéréde Sonatine

MISC. ENSEMBLE (selected)
Richard BarrettEARTH for trombone and percussion**
Anthony Coleman Seven at The Golden Shovel for trp, trb, vln, vlc, pno*
Heiner Goebbels - Herakles 2 for 2 trp, hrn, trb, tba, perc, smplr
Jon GibsonUntitled for flute, violin, and trombone
Christopher McIntyrestuplimity no. 1 for trombone septet*
Christopher McIntyrestuplimity no. 2 for 5 or more trombones*
Vincent PersichettiSerenade for trombone, viola, and cello
Stephen Rush Rebellion for trombone, piano and percussion
Charles WuorinenTrombone Trio for trombone, piano and perc.
Lois V. Vierk Jagged Mesa for 2 trumpet, 2 ten. trombone, 2 bs. trombone
Peter ZummoInstruments for trumpet, trombone, cello, and marimba