Meta Trombone

Meta Trombone
Solo recital program by American trombonist and composer Christopher McIntyre

Current Program:
John Cage Variations IV (1963, realization by McIntyre '12)
Anthony Coleman The Thingliness of the Thing (2012)
Richard Barrett basalt (1991)
Chris McIntyre Phono-Markers from Smithson Project (2012)

Other Repertoire includes:
Fredric Rzewski Last Judgment (1969)
Philip Glass 1 + 1 (1968) (arr. for trombone by C. McIntyre '06)
Phill Niblock A Third Trombone (1979)

Saturday, Oct. 27th, 2012 - TILT Brass at Greenwich House Music School, NYC

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 - Theater Dakota in Den Haag, NL

"...with every passing week, trombonist-composer Chris McIntyre becomes more central to the new-music experience in New York."
Time Out New York

Brooklyn-based American trombonist and composer Christopher McIntyre presents Meta Trombone, a program of works for solo trombone (unaccompanied and with electronics) that presents a number of radically differing contemporary musical languages, each maintaining focus on the idiomatic sound and mechanisms of the instrument itself. Works include the ecstatically virtuosic Basalt by British "New Complexity" composer Richard Barrett, the “combine” of two seminal aleatoric works by American music icon John Cage, and McIntyre’s realization of Philip Glass' rare late 60’s open form work 1 + 1 for amplified trombone (performed for the composer in 2007). Meta Trombone will feature two brand new pieces: one by McIntyre himself (a solo live-electronic addition to his burgeoning series of works taking inspiration from American Earth artist Robert Smithson) and the legendary "Downtown" New York pianist and composer of subtle, intertextual, and timbrally sophisticated works Anthony Coleman.

More information:
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> CJM Sounds blog: playing Cage's Solo for Sliding Trombone with Merce Cunningham Dance Co. in 2011

McIntyre & percussionist Dave Shively - Richard Barrett's EARTH (1985)