Ne(x)tworks is a collaborative ensemble of musicians creating and interpreting work that features a dynamic relationship between composition and improvisation. In performance and recordings, the group locates pathways into various types of notation systems and interfaces, striving for a meaningful dialogue with the past, present, and future of creative music. Formed in 2002 in New York City, Ne(x)tworks advances the tradition of the 'performing composer' ensemble by frequently presenting full programs of compositions created by its members. The group's repertoire also extends beyond its ranks to encompass the open scores of New York School composers, work by the their European counterparts, further experiments by the composer performers of the AACM and SoHo Scene of the 1970's, the so-called Downtown composers of the 80's, and commissioned works by like-minded contemporary colleagues. Ne(x)tworks' debut recording, Earle Brown: Tracer, is available on Mode Records

Ne(x)tworks is self-releasing live recordings from its archives under the imprint of NxW Live. The first CD and download, Ne(x)tworks Live Vol. 1: At The Stone, June 2007 is available on CD Baby.