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Fabric (geology)
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In geology...
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(transitive) To rumple; to press into wrinkles by...
prolepsis (plural prolepses)
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  1. The assignment of something to a period of time that precedes it.
  2. The representation of something which has occurred before its time. I'm a dead man.
  3. (rhetoric) The anticipation of an objection...

Dan Graham - From Homes of America (1965)
After an incredibly challenging process and satisfying TILT Brass show on the previous evening, I was very excited to witness the inspired resurrection of the Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori (Noise Intoners) instruments at Town Hall. 13 composers were (enviably) asked to compose new works for the 16-piece...
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In gemology, chatoyancy (pronounced /ʃəˈtɔɪənsiː/, shə-TOY-ən-see), or chatoyance, is an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones. Coined from the French "œil de chat," meaning "cat's eye," chatoyancy arises either from the fibrous structure of a material, as...
CJM's edition of Last Judgment available on Werner-Icking page of Rzewski scores (PDF and sib files)

Live recording of Last Judgment on Archive.org 
DownTown Ensemble's Flexible Orchestra Concert
A set of basically symmetrical patterns for the rhythmic cycle technique found in my piano quintet work for Ne(x)tworks called Raster: