trumpet, trombone, and soundtrack (stereo)

Premiered by Ne(x)tworks, June 6th, 2003 Chelsea Art Museum
Brian McWhorter - trumpet, CJM - trombone

Additional Performances:
ISSUE Project Room, Oct. 12, 2006 (Peter Evans - trumpet)
Roulette, December 8, 2006 (Nate Wooley - trumpet)

Program Note:

VOIDS (2003) 
I. in 0

II. ²


IV. mkg

VOIDS (2003) is a work in four short movements for improvising trumpet and trombone duo with soundtrack. A very early piece in my compositional life, the score for VOIDS is primarily instructional. It premiered at Chelsea Art Museum in June 2003 during the creative music group Ne(x)tworks' debut concert. The work is a poetic musical response to the experience of existing on the streets of New York on 9/11/01. Each movement deals with a single physical "void": historical, forgotten, or little considered public spaces located in the constantly evolving phenomenological realm known as Manhattan Island.