Sigmar [unknown source]


string quartet, piano/synth, harp, glass, trumpet, trombone, electronics, multiple soundtracks
for Ne(x)tworks

Original version premiered at Issue Project Room, May 28, 2004
Current version premiered at Roulette Intermedium, Dec. 8, 2006

Program Note:

"It is from zero, in zero, that the true movement of being begins."
Kasimir Malevich

Sigmar [unknown source] (2005/06) is inspired by the work of German visual artist Sigmar Polke. It utilizes several organizing principles. Based primarily in time increments, Sigmar obliquely incorporates appropriated bits of musical material (chordal statements from Stravinsky's Symphony In C, cells from Terry Riley's In C), as well as several pitch sets created for limited improvisation. Pre-recorded soundtracks are heard from various playback devices and locations throughout the space, acting as a canvas on which ensemble material is applied.