7X7 Trombone Band

Formed to participate in performances with Yoshiko Chuma's School of Hard Knocks (SoHK), Chris McIntyre's 7X7 Trombone Band is a 7-piece ensemble of New York's leading and innovative voices on the instrument. 7X7 plays music derived from material suggested by McIntyre but combined with in an improvisational and collaborative approach.

The group joined forces with SoHK in 2005 at the River to River, Howl, and Fall For Dance Festivals, and in 2006 during a resdiency at Bard College, and for Sundown, a 7-hour site-specific performance at Issue Project Room's silo complex on Carroll Street in Brooklyn. Sundown was partially funded by American Music Center's Live Music For Dance grant.

McIntyre's works for 7X7 has also been presented in concert at Issue Project Room (Carroll St), as part of the Second Helpings festival in October 06, and at The Stone in June 07 during the Trombonophilia Festival (which was curated by McIntyre).

For booking information, please email CJM at chris at cmcintyre dot com.