Daniel Goode - Hub Line for the High Line

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - 12:20pm
The High Line New York, NY

Hub Line for the High Line
a site specific performance piece by Daniel Goode

For thirty gong players, accordion, trombone, and clarinet, each gong player with a hand-held auto hubcap. These are light round metal disks, with beautiful complex tones that at one time covered the center of car wheels, often with iconic symbols representing the make of the car. The thirty players will form a long line, playing in sequence from high to low, with a low trombone pedal tone as a cadence. The accordion will pick out harmonies from the gongs, while the clarinet plays high melodic riffs. The piece will begin in one part of the High Line, and move as a procession to a second spot for a concluding movement.

Featured soloists: Peter Zummo, trombone; Kamala Sankaram, accordion; Daniel Goode, clarinet.