"Christopher McIntyre brought formidable sensitivity to parts that were often painfully self-effacing"
New York Times (June '15)

"The Fifth [Berio Sequenza], for trombone, limns the instrument’s capacity for robust humor with melancholy undercurrents; Chris McIntyre gave full measure to both in a poignant interpretation."
New York Times (Dec. '10)

TILT Brass, a "vital new-music ensemble"
Time Out New York (Aug. '10)

"...with every passing week, trombonist-composer Chris McIntyre becomes more central to the new-music experience in New York."
Time Out New York (Nov. '09)

"...the most important and engaging individuals are often those who serve a sinuous and binding role, i.e. those whose work within the field codifies a disparate mass into this thing that we call 'the new music community'. Chris McIntyre is one of those people."
NewMusicBox (July '09)

McIntyre's composition Raster for quintet one of many "incredible discoveries" during 2009 MATA Festival
NewMusicBox (April '09)

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Five Concerts All At Once, And It's Quiet [((Tune In)) The Kitchen, New Sound, New York Festival, 2004] (NY Times by Jon Pareles) April 24, 2004

Celebrating New Music, Just Off the Beaten Path [Darmstadt's Berio Sequenza event]
(NY Times by Steve Smith) Dec. 3, 2010 (CJM pictured & mentioned)

That Same Old Beat, With Brand-New Choices [Darmstadt's In C] (NY Times by Allan Kozinn) Dec. 1, 2007 (CJM pictured)